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The NCCA Works For All Stakeholders

Applying for NCCA Membership

Gauteng (010) 206-0171/0120 / W. Cape (021) 403-9200 / E. Cape (041) 391- 5200

KZN- BCCCI Provident Fund, administered by NBC Fund Administrators for KwaZulu Natal (031) 366 7714 / (031) 366 7700 – Email:

NCCA Membership Certification

A Letter of Membership

This membership confirmation is issued to a Company who is has adhered to all the three (3), criteria however employ no contract cleaners at the time of applying for membership

NCCA Membership certificate

This is issued to a Company with Contract cleaners and this membership certificate is a guarantee that the holder complies with all the statutory legislation applicable to the contract cleaning industry in South Africa as a result of having been through the NCCA Compliance audit

Code of Ethics

NCCA members commit themselves to a Code of Ethics to ensure that customers can rely on their adherence to business norms and standards.

Membership Benefits

We help members succeed – and South African companies partner with suppliers they can trust.

No Industry can afford to be without its own authoritative National Body, as a fragmented industry is of little or no consequence to the Government, Industry stakeholders, or the end-user. Each and every member therefore, has a “voice” in an organised industry.

Benefits include but not limited to:

Offers advice on:

Although the NCCA cannot become directly involved  in any labour disputes, NCCA members exclusively have access to  advice on labour matters via a labour hotline.
By virtue of NCCA membership with ISSA, membership is passed onto our NCCA Good standing Members at no additional cost, and members thus enjoy all the benefits of the ISSA membership. This allows you to:

The NCCA is a contributor of articles to the African Cleaning Review which is a dedicated hygiene, cleaning, and facility maintenance trade magazine. 

All members receive a free copy of this publication.