NCCA Compliance Audits

Raising Industry Professionalism and Accountability

NCCA Members must comply with all legislative requirements applicable to the industry.

All members who employ cleaners, undergo a compliance audit, as the primary aim of National Contract Cleaners’ Association is to protect the professionalism, integrity, and credibility of its members through adherence to a code of ethics and compliance with all legislative requirements applicable to the industry.

NCCA compliance auditors have extensive knowledge of the industry and provide guidance to those members who do not quite make the mark so as to bring those companies up to standard to reach compliant status.

Given the competitive nature of the industry, contract cleaning companies looking for an advantage welcome the opportunity to be audited and being found ‘compliant’ and use this status as part of their marketing activities.

The audit is:

NCCA Compliance Workshops are with a view to educate and assist start-up member companies with what the legal requirements are pertaining to this sector and for the purpose of assisting members in understanding the benefits of compliance within their business.

These workshops are at NO cost to NCCA members: For more information contact